Traveling Europe

It seems that almost every high schooler's plans for graduation are—at some point or another—to travel Europe. Pinterest is full of pins about traveling Europe, backpacking through Europe, and visiting specific locations. Visiting Europe graces the bucket list of most people I know. Why is the idea of traveling so attractive?

Traveling is an educational experience. When you visit a new place, you get to see beautiful sites, but you also get to learn about other people and other cultures. Everybody understands the world through their own past experiences and their own cultures, so visiting a new place introduces all kinds of different ways of thinking about and viewing the world.

Traveling is also attractive because it breaks up the monotony of routine. When you are in a different country, you don't have as many responsibilities and obligations—you just dedicate days and days to exploring and learning. As long as you have the funds to travel, your worries are minimal.

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Research Your Trip

Know before you go! You need to research all kinds of things. Start with researching where you want to visit. Make a detailed travel plan that includes the important stops. Then go closer and plan out how you will travel. Research customs, culture, and health information. The more you know about a country, the more you will be able to enjoy your trip. Knowing a lot about the destination also helps you stay safe and healthy.

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Travel Safety

Imagine you are in France. You don't speak French other than to ask directions to the bathroom and where the train stops. You are walking down the street one day when two thieves jump you and steal your luggage. You wake up on the sidewalk disoriented and injured. You have to find police to help you and a doctor to fix you up, but you're money's gone, and you don't speak French. Avoid this situation by staying safe.

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